Extensive separation along splice interface.

Improper pressure and/or temperature during vulcanization.

Improper or aged cements and tie gum
Check platens of vulcanizer for temperature and uneven surface. Use pad between belt and vulcanizer.

User proper cements and tie gums
Breaks in the top and bottom ply over a butt joint in the ply immediately beneath. Excessive flexing.

Use care in fitting steps and avoid buffling along step lines.
Step lines show as an impression in belt covers

Improper fitting of steps.

Excessive tension.
Use care in matching step lines.

Reduce tension.
Separation at edges along steps.

Improper pressure. Edges not confined during cure.

Use edge irons during splicing to confine edges. Seal edges with cement as a temporay repair.



[General issues] Vulcanised Splices