Hot Splicing

All belts supplied by Northern Belting  P/L can be "Hot Spliced" under Workshop conditions or on Site to suit the client’s requirements. "Hot Spliced" belts can be run as soon as the belt is cold to the touch, as no additional curing time is required. We also offer a higher specification splice for weigh feeder belts that conform to international standards.

Light duty P.V.C. belting spliced with the “OVERLAP” method  



Solid Woven P.V.G. belting spliced with a “FINGER SPLICE”, as with light duty P.V.C.

Transmission Splicing
Transmission belting is spliced by skiving or beveling the ends, often dissimilar materials are evident in the same belts and use different bonding materials, the skiving method allows for the ends to be properly mated. The bonding agents are then applied and the whole splice is inserted into a hot press under pressure, once the splice is cold the belt may be tensioned, tracked and run.